Variations for residency – flats for rent

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As experts of the real estate markets notice, the prices of rents has risen by 5-10 % compared to last year. Only one-fourth of the university students can get in one of the hostels – all the others try to find a rent. The big run-up will start in the middle of August.

Flats with 2 or 2 and a half rooms are the most popular among university students. 3 or 4 of them move in together, sharing the costs. Such panel flats can already be found for 50,000 forints.
There are bigger, luxurious places for richer families – their rental price can reach 250,000 forints.
In Debrecen, the most popular area is the catchment area of the Great Forest, because of the proximity of university buildings.
Buying a real estate means a great form of investment again. According to the experts, the price of a flat bought for renting returns in 10 years.

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