Closing of Young Musicians’ Summer Academy

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The Young Musicians’ Summer Academy was organized between 17th and 26th July 2011 at the Faculty of Music of University of Debrecen.

This was the 11th time that the summer academy was organized for high school students, university and college students and young music teachers. The young musicians attended individual master courses held by famous and acknowledged artist teachers, and orchestral and chamber music workshops also contributed to the participants’ artistic development.
Besides the usual master courses they have also organized thecamp of Kodály Zoltán World Youth Orchestra with the leadership of Tamás Vásáry, piano artist and conductor. After the camp the orchestra will go on tour in Hungary and abroad as well.Stations of the concert tour: 25th July: Kecskemét; 26th July: Debrecen, Kölcsey Convention Centre; 27th July: Budapest, Városmajor; 29th July: Maison de l’UNESCO, Paris, France.
On the occasion of the Ferenc Liszt Memorial Year, the program is made up by the pieces of the famous composer.
The orchestra is inviting all the music lover people from Debrecen for their concert in Kölcsey Convention Centre on 26 th July, 8.00 PM. This is the closing event of Young Musicians’ Summer Academy.

Ferenc Liszt: Prometheus (symphonic poem)
Ferenc Liszt: Piano concerto in A-major (soloist: Tamás Vásáry)
Zoltán Kodály: Dances from Galánta
Ferenc Liszt: Tasso (symphonic poem)
Contributing: Tamás Vásáry – piano
Conductors: Tamás Vásáry and Máté Hámori

Admission to the concert is FREE for everyone!

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