To make the youth stay in Hungary

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One of the priorities of the measures taken by the government is to make Hungary such a country where it is worth to study, work and stay for young people, said Bence Rétvári, State Secretariat of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice.

As the politician highlighted, the most important aspect of the reforming of the local government system, education and health care is to help the youth to find a job that fits their qualification. The aim is to ensure education or health care on the same level in any part of the country to prevent migration, said the state secretariat and added that education, proper economic environment and the support of the countryside are the keys for stopping migration.
As Bence Rétvári said, it is important to get in touch with the youth, even at a festival or a party. In Campus festival, the Ifjúsági Kereszténydemokrata Szövetség (Young Christian Democratic Union) tries to make conversation with the young people, and they collect their suggestion in an urn. According to their promises, these suggestions will be taken into consideration during the law-making process.
The state secretariat also talked about safety, as this is the first season of festivals since the tragedy in West Balkán and organizers have paid special attention to safety of festival guests.

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