Demonstration at the Old City Hall

Local News

Inhabitants from Nagysándor-telep (the area of Debrecen between Kishegyesi and Balmazújvárosi Street) demonstrated at the Old City Hall on Thursday. They processed with carts because of the strict rules of animal husbandry. According to the local regulation, animal (pig, cow or horse) husbandry is only allowed on a plot bigger than 1500 m2. The demonstrators find this regulation too strict as their plot is smaller than the determined, and animal husbandry means their livelihood.

They demonstrated with carts, boards, banners and shouting under police supervision. They said that they want to work on their own yards and to eat food produced by their own instead of the gene-manipulated plastic things sold in the supermarkets.

Their petition containing 350 signatures of inhabitants of Nagys

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