Csango songs and dances in Downtown

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Debrecen – On Friday, the Sugalló and the Csango Orchestra Band concert in Hal köz is going to create a very special mood in the evening.

People of Debrecen can get acquainted with the rich Csango culture and traditions in Hal köz on Friday evening. The musical heritage of the Hungarian minority living in Romania will be introduced by the two bands mentioned above. The popular Sugalló band starts at 8:00 pm. This folk music band intends to introduce the music, dances and songs of the Csangos to the public and they wish to keep the folk traditions of Moldova and Ghymes. The band will be complemented by the Csango Orchestra Band, so that the the audience could have an authentic insight of the Csango culture.
Artists: Fruzsina Balla – vocal, dance; Gergő Éles – wind instruments; Ernő Kiss – cithern; Imre Nagy – drums, gardon, vocal; Lóránd Heit – violin, vocal; Márk Varró – cymbalo; László Flama – cithern; Péter Török – viola; Viktor Pandák – doublebass.

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