Roma murder in refugee camp

Local News Police

The litigation goes on with proving that shots were fired off at the refugee camp of Debrecen.

As the arraignment says, after Árpád Kiss, his brother István Kiss, Zsolt Pető and a fourth person had robbed a professional hunter from Besenyszög in March 2008, on 2 July 2008, from 260 m distance they shot in a window of the refugee camp of Debrecen. A Roma couple from Serbia-Montenegro lived in that room. They were summoned as witnesses but they had left the camp and they have no official address in Hungary. A third Serbian witness who was summoned didn’t show up either, as he had moved home. The three security men who were ear witnesses of the shots and were the first ones to arrive at the premise said that they had heard the shots and then saw the bullets in the second-floor room.The shots in the refugee camp were just tests – after these, the suspects fired off 78 shots and threw 11 Molotov Cocktails on the houses of Roma families. The litigation continues on Friday with the results of the psychological examinations of the suspects.

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