Thunderstorm sweeps through Debrecen

Local News

On Monday evening, a hurricane carried lots of rain to the Debrecen region. The mobile, electricity and internet services faltered. The street lighting went out in several parts of the city.

Although the forecasts said storms were possible in the Eastern and South-Eastern region of the country, certainly no one in Debrecen expected such a thunderstorm. Shortly after eight it started to pour down. The wind turned into a hurricane and the rain fell almost horizontally for many minutes. The mobile service faltered, so did the electricity and internet service in some areas. The lights died in several quarters of the city but when the storm was over at around 10 pm., they went on again.
The thunderstorm tore off lost of twigs and branches from and broke trees which, in turn, blemished some vehicles and houses. In order to eliminate the damage caused by the storm, the municipality of Debrecen keeps constant contact with the firefighters and on Tuesday morning, the workers of AKSD Kft. and Dehusz Kft. started the removal of broken branches from the sidewalks and the roads. The earliest this work can be finished is next week.

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