Fabulous hospital rooms in Kenézy

Local News

Hungarian folk tales facilitate the recovery of the small patients in the Oto-rhino-laryngology ward in Kenézy Hospital.

At the request of the hospital, István Tamus graphic artist and his students have painted the scenes of two well-known Hungarian folk tales on the walls of two rooms. The goal was to enable the children to recover in a cozier environment. “Of course, every child is afraid of hospitals. It’s obviously very depressing to have only iron beds and white walls in the rooms. These colorful images divert their thoughts a little bit.” –Emőke Kovács said.
Those working there share this opinion. They say the children recover faster surrounded by colorful pictures of tales. “As long as only one of the rooms was painted, the children requested to be placed in that room. We believe that the cozier environment can by all means be helpful.” – explained head nurse Fanny Kalmár. The hospital is planning to paint the walls even at the child traumatology.

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