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Foreign language movies on show between 11-17 July. With trailers.

Nothing personal
Irish-Dutch drama, 2009, 85 min, dir.: Urszula Antoniak, stars: Lotte Verbeek, Stephen Rea

A young woman who has left everything (past, family, house) behind and a middle-aged man leading a lonely life make a deal: the woman gets food in exchange for work around the house. There is only one condition: they cannot enter each other’s private sphere by any means. Who will be the first to break the rule?
11-13 July: 5 pm., 7.30 pm.

The Secret in their eyes/El secreto de sus ojos
Spanish film (in Spanish!), 2009, 127 min, dir.: Juan José Campanella, stars: Ricardo Darín, Soledad


Benjamin, a retired forensic employee decides to write a book about an old rape-murder case. He thinks the police solved the case in the wrong way. He opens files already closed and starts investigating the confusing and frightening case.
11-13 July: 4 pm., 6 pm.
Spanish-French-English-American sci-fi comedy, 2011, 107 min, dir.: Greg Mottola, stars: Jane Lynch,

Simon Pegg

This time, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost impersonate 2 sci-fi fans who make a pilgrimage to UFO hinterland of America, where they meet an alien accidentally. Together, they have a mad adventure, one that changes the universe in their eyes.
11-13 July: 8 pm.
American-Canadian-French thriller, 2009, 96 min, dir.: Atom Egoyan, stars: Amanda Seyfried, Julian

Moore, Liam Neeson

Although their marriage seems to be perfect, Catherine Stewart, suspects her husband to be cheating on her. To get the answers to her questions, she hires the beautiful luxury call girl, Chloe. Chloe notices that long-forgotten desires awake in Catherine who is unaware of the danger she brings upon her family when, giving in to temptation, she opens to the girl.
14-17 July: 7.30 pm.
De vrais mensonges
French romantic comedy (in French!), 2010, 105 min, dir.: Pierre Salvadori, stars: Audrey Tautou, Nathalie


Emilie has a hairdressing salon. She provides her customers not only with hairdressing but also with infinite numbers of pieces of advice for private life. The only person she hasn’t been able to help is her mother, Maddy, who doesn’t want to live since her husband left her. Emilie creates a secret admirer for her.
15-17 July: 4 pm., 6 pm., 8 pm.
Apollo Cinema, Debrecen, Miklós Street 1.

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