Secure your bike well

Local News Police

This year, more than 300 criminal proceedings were initiated for bicycle theft. Those who get caught may get up to 3 years in prison depending on the value of the stolen bike.

Roland Krisztik’s bike was stolen in broad daylight, while the family was having lunch. They noticed what had happened only hours later. “I went into the garage, looked around but couldn’t see my bike. I asked my father about it, he didn’t know where it was so we searched for it around the house. We noticed that the gate was open-at that moment we knew what had happened.” – Roland said.
The thieves take bicycles from public areas, storages, cellars and outbuildings, too, both day and night. This year, more than 300 people reported bicycle theft. “So far, 324 criminal proceedings for bicycle theft have been started. If the stolen bicycle is of high value, the thief may get 3 years of imprisonment.” – announced Eva Kelemen, spokeswoman.
Experts say that for everyday usage it may be better to choose a cheaper bike and that it’s worth locking it even if we leave it unattended only for a few minutes as a strong, massive chain makes things more difficult for thieves. The safest are the U-padlock and the hardened steel chain.

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