Bio-fuel from your used oil

Local News

Used cooking oil and grease are being collected at over 100 gas stations across the country.

The campaign was announced by a fuel distribution company in June to promote environmental awareness. The designated gas stations take over the used oil free of charge. Maximum 2 liters can be handed over at a time. Later, bio-fuel will be reproduced from the oil and the grease. So far, only a few people have made use of this possibility. Gas station manager Zoltán Kulcsár said: “This means only 1 or 2 customers a day but we hope that a larger-scale of people will be involved in the future.”
Communications director of MOL, Andrea Pánczél declared: “We believe that an environmental problem can be solved with this method and that we will be able to increase the environmental awareness of people a little bit. A lot of people take the garbage to separate collection so we hope and assume that more and more of them will start to dispose of used oil in this new way.” In Hungary, tens of thousands of tons of oil are used in households and in restaurants. Previously, used oil was taken away only from restaurants.

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