Major improvements in public transportation

Local News

DKV has won 372 million HUF on tendering and will add 66 million HUF to this from its own resources to improve the quality of its services.

The money will be spent on upgrading the upper wires of the trolleybuses, modernizing the passenger information system, constructing a traffic control building in Segner Square and other things. The upgraded wires are expected to reduce traveling time. Furthermore, they are planning to build in 7 new switchers. Using these, the vehicles won’t need to slow down to 5-10 km/h but only to 30-40 km/h. Since nearly 2 km of wire needs to be replaced, buses will substitute trolleys for the periods between 17 June-4 July and 5 August-31 August. The works will be done at night and early morning in order to minimize traffic obstruction.
The passenger information system will also be modernized. Bright, modern LCD displays will be installed and both the interior and the exterior displays will be upgraded on the buses and trolleys. On Segner Square, a 140 m2 traffic controller with a new cashier is being built. Some part of the money will be spent on coordinating schedules and preparing the creation of a traffic alliance.

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