University questions freshmen

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3500 freshmen filled in questionnaires at the registration.

As it turned out, the newly accepted are interested in the knowledge the various majors offer. Moreover, the prestige of the University of Debrecen, the high level of education, the hope of a well-paying job and of acquiring professional relationships were all deciding factors in their choice of university. University life and having fun also attract the youth but they don’t wish to prolong the school-days.
23% of the respondents got at least 400 points in the entrance exam, 46% got extra points for language exam certificates, 8% based on qualifications, 2% for sport achievements and 1% for academic competitions. In the choice of majors, the recommendations of friends, family members and teachers were taken into account. The vibrant university life, the culture, the entertainment and the proximity to the permanent residence also influenced the application.
According to plans, 16 % will continue studying, 41% will start working and 31 % will do both after graduation.

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