Treaty of Trianon-shadows might be dispelled

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“Nothing is more destructive for a nation than forbidding it to remember.”

The Treaty of Trianon, which ended the First World War, was signed 91 years ago, on 4 June, 1920. Under the terms of the treaty, two-thirds of the historic Hungary’s territory and half of its population went to neighboring countries. The communist regime was totally silent about the tragedy, last year, however, the parliament declared 4 June the day of national belonging.
Zoltán Kovács, Secretary of State responsible for governmental communication also attended the ceremony in Debrecen. He said the most important thing was to heal the wounds inflicted by Trianon. ”Nothing is more destructive for a nation than forbidding it to remember. It wasn’t possible to talk about Trianon for decades but by declaring 4 June the day of national togetherness, the government managed to tear down the walls of silence.”- he said.
”Hungary has been a free country for 20 years. Even so, powerful nations build up a powerful Europe. Now we have the opportunity to dispel the shadows of Trianon…the ties torn apart by Trianon can be reestablished.” – he added.

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