Critical Mass in Debrecen

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Another attempt to popularize cycling in Debrecen.

This Thursday a Critical Mass bike parade will be held on the city roads. The participants will press for the everyday popularization of cycling while big cities face traffic load and smog. They want to see a further rise in the percentage of bicycle users in Debrecen. The demonstrators will take a 9km long journey between 6pm and 8pm on April 28. Police, vigilantes and the organizers will be responsible for keeping the order and protecting the closed traffic lane. The cyclists will get together at Békás Lake at 5pm. then they will start their tour along Pallagi Road- Great Forest Boulevard- Furedi Street -Boszormenyi Street- Pesti Street-Nyugati Street- Szechenyi Street- Kossuth Street – Burgundia Street- Hunyadi Street- Bethlen Street –Hatvan Street and Kossuth Square as destination where they will lift their bikes up in the air shouting “Critical Mass”.

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