Shop burns to ashes

Local News Police

A shop burned down completely in Debrecen. A person living nearby recorded the fire. The video record shows that the drivers of the cars passing by are indifferent to the fire fighting; they are driving through the fire hoses one after another, some of them without braking.

By the time the fire fighters arrived, the whole shop had been in flames. The person who took the video says that the fire fighters came quickly but the fire was so big that it took about an hour to extinguish it. Though the video was taken from a distance of 100 meters, the roar of the blaze is clearly audible. Using a hose, the fire fighters drained water from a nearby hydrant. Eventually, they managed to put out the fire but nothing was left from the shop. The cause of the fire is unknown yet but the police are searching for signs of arson. The fire fighters explained that driving through the hoses doesn’t hinder fire fighting directly but it causes great damages as the hoses become unserviceable much faster.

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