Muslims in the Yellow Church

Local News

“The history of Muslim faith in Hungary and the meeting of cultures” is the title of the exhibition just opened at the Yellow Church in Debrecen. Bishop Gusztáv Bölcskei held the opening speech.

The bishop used Zsigmond Gyalui-Torda`s letter to Philip Melanchton to show that there is a good way for the different cultures to meet. In this letter Gyalui-Torda wrote to Melanchton that the pasha of Buda asked the Reformed church to send preachers and ministers to the occupied territories in 1551. Mr Bölcskei said that this act should receive attention in the XXI. century when the world`s religions and cultures meet. The Bishop used this as a model of new coexistence and a new way to be designed to suit the representatives of the monotheistic religions. The local religious leader stressed that the exhibition can be the opportunity for Muslims to express what they think and which ideas they can contribute to reach a more peaceful an hopeful future.

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