Honorary citizenship medals handed over in Debrecen

Local News

László Abádi-Nagy, Lajos Hegedűs and Róza Ádány are among the award winners

Pro Urbe Awards and Honorary Citizenships and Debrecen`s Philantropic Award were handed over couple of days ago in Debrecen. Mayor Lajos Kósa pointed out that King Leopold donated the royal city title on 11 April, 1693 to the city of Debrecen. The city’s day is celebrated every year on this day, but this year they celebrated a double anniversary: 650 years ago King Louis the Great gave the rank of a borough city exactly on the same day. The decision of the General Assembly was to give the Honorary citizen status Lászlo Abádi-Nagy literary historian, member of the Fulbright Commission and recognized researcher of American studies. Lajos Hegedűs, CEO of Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. also received the honor. ThePro Urbe Award went to Gábor Szima the owner of the DVSCFootball Organizer Co. and to Róza Ádány who is the dean of the Faculty of Public Health of the University of Debrecen.The Philanthropic Award went to Péter Ilosvai, managing director of IT Services Ltd., and Sándor Kuszkó civil engineer. The Kolcsey scholarship was handed over to the Tanner Craft House.

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