Laszlo Kovacs was ready to go to prison

Local News

The Town Hall fined Laszlo Kovacs, a former council representative, /Liberal Party member/ for 5000 Huf in February because he left the public area next to his house was weedy.

The politician refused to pay for reasons of principle and rather spend 5 days in prison because he thinks he was wrongly accused and fined.

He told the press that he received letters from the local government that his garden and its public area is messy and weedy. Mr Kovacs asked his neighbor to cut the grass and remove garbage from the area.
His neighbour done his duty and Mr Kovacs checked his property once a month. The grass was 4 inch higher than his neighbour`s and he stated that was no litter on it. The local clerk Antal Szekeres wrote
that "The attached pictures show the designated public place in front of the described property was not kept in accordance with the law".
"Laszlo Kovacs has not disputed that on 4 November in particular the status of the grass was higher than normal, and he feels that it is still acceptable." The clerk, however, did not accept the arguments, so he
made his decision and wrote a letter to Mr Kovacs that if he does not pay the fine he is going to be sentenced for one day public work or 5 days in prison.

Sandor Vizeli Head of the Magisterial Department of the local government that he will not be sent to prison because he was wrongly accused. He saw the plot with his own eyes and it was not messy or weedy but the grass was higher a bit than the neighbor`s. he also told that his colleagues maid the decision using a low quality black and white photo.

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