Great bustard population

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The Tisza region and the Hortobagy National Park have the largest population of bustards in Hungary. The Great Bustard is the heraldic bird of the Hungarian Society for Nature Conservation so they especially treat and watching these birds. The large bird is at risk due to intensive farming.

During the winter months "bustard-counters" embarked the countrythe country to assess the current population in our country.
The Great Bustard knows from the shores of Morocco to the Amur estuary. The species now only live in Spain and Portugal in Western Europe. The Carpathian Basin had a large bustard population but after the second world war nearly disappeared because of the industrial and agricultural development. The Tiszantul region remains their home mostly the Bihari-plane and the Hortobagy National Park. A current total of 1,246 birds
registered in these areas. The observes counted 426 roosters and 259 hens and were unable to determine the birds sex in 561 cases.

The Great Bustard is named in the Hungarian Red Data Book of endangered species list. In 1970 became a protected bird, since it can not be hunted. Who shoot a bird will pay dearly for it, as the bird is in the highest conservation value category with a 1 million Huf fine.

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