British Telecom increases number of employees in Debrecen

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Rogier Bronsgeest, director of the customer service department of BT Global Services and the entire global management board visited Debrecen on Thursday, February 3.

He said that although the company had been affected by the crisis, it started prospering again. As a result of the coordinated work of about 10.000 experts, the company provides services for people in 170 countries. It opened its first office 12 years ago, in 1999, in Budapest. Since that time, a customer service center has been opened in Debrecen, too. They will increase the number of the employees from 60 to 220 but the director couldn’t say when exactly. (The total number is expected to increase from 300 to 600.) Ninety percent of the employees has a diploma and speaks several languages. One of the reasons why Debrecen is a suitable place is that among the graduates of the university, there are many future professionals. The reason for
Tamás Ferenczi, director of BT’s European regional service center added: they have plans but these are not concrete yet. Concerning the income side, the company strives to keep its employees by giving them competitive salary.
Dr. Istvan Fabian, rector of the University of Debrecen was also a guest at the meeting. He called the university as one devoted to serve companies representing high values. To this end, the university is adapting more and more trainings to the needs of these companies. According to him, the university has a defining role in the innovation of this region. It has done much in order to give as good training to computer engineers and foreign language speaking graduates as possible. A proof for this is that the Faculty of Informatics on the Kassai Campus has been given a new building.

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