Dental center for handicapped children

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With the new building for child dentistry in the UD, the problem of complex dental services might be solved for several thousand handicapped children in Hajdu-Bihar County.

One part of the Oto-rhino-laryngology Clinic was renovated specifically for taking care of handicapped patients and was extended by a modern dental center for children. Thus they provide equal chances for healthy and handicapped children, which is unique in the country.
No child is enthusiastic about dental examination, especially not the handicapped ones. There are 4-5000 handicapped children in Debrecen and about 2000 in the county. Because it is uneasy to treat them, their treatment was usually limited to the extraction of teeth. They had to go to Budapest for conservative dentistry. “They are suffering from toothache for many nights because there is no one to treat them. This is because they don’t let anyone look into their mouth, give them an injection, drill or pull their teeth. Obviously, the mouth hygiene of these children is not adequate.”- explains Dr. Csaba Hegedus, dean of the Faculty of Dentistry in University of Debrecen .
From now on, the dental, orthodontic, head, neck and oral surgery of cumulatively handicapped children will be made in the most modern circumstances in the Clinic. 1800 square meters of the Oto-rhino-laryngology have been renovated and the building has also been extended by a 2200-square meter wing. Consulting rooms, wards, operating rooms were built from a Union assistance of 1 billion 250 million HUF. The newly opened department provides complex treatment for the little patients.
“The clinic has established a model that is unique in the whole country because no one else can provide complex treatment in one place.” – said Ildiko Bernath.
Nothing hinders the reception of patients in the old wing and the consultation in the new center begins in 2-3 months.

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