City center patrols catch 3 vandals

Local News Police

Two cases of vandalism were reported on Monday night, 10th of January.
According to one of them, two people broke into the burger kiosk in Petofi Square.

The reporter could give a description and saw that the perpetrators ran away towards Piac Street. The police started to search for them and found them in Piac Street. The two men from Hajduhadhaz were taken back to Petofi Square where they were identified by the reporter.
One of the men admitted to have broken the window of the burger kiosk but only because he was angry, his companion tore out the bars and then they ran away.

According to the other report, a man damaged the phone booth in front of the CIB bank at the junction of Piac and Simonffy Streets.
On arriving to the scene, the patrols saw the man as he left the booth and started to walk toward the tram stop. They ran after him, asked him to identify himself. During the identity check, the man admitted to have damaged the phone booth but he was unable to say the reason.
The Debrecen Police Department initiated criminal proceedings against the 3 men for vandalism.

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