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The scouts of the 5th Bocskai Istvan Riffle Brigade finished the 5. Hashi International Kempo Open World Championship at prominent places.

The team of the 24. Bornemissza Gergely Scouting Battalion of 5th Bocskai Istvan Riffle Brigade took part in the competition for the second time.
Headman Sandor Nyiri is proud of the scouts having been invited by Valer Papp, head of the Hungarian Kempo Federation to give a military melee demonstration and to participate in the annual competition in the future, too.

The assistant commander of the scouting battalion said that master sergeant Emoke Bacsa finished at the 7th place in the event of the men’s self-defense demonstration. Squad leader Balazs Nemeth took 4th place in team ground fighting and squad leader István Foczin finished at 4th place in empty hand form. Foczin surprised the judges because instead of Kempo, he prepared for a dynamic Muai-Thai demonstration.
Among the competitors, only squad leader Laszlo Csako demonstrated the weapon form in uniform and with carbine- he finished at the 7th place.

Following the team events, the scouts achieved prominent results also in the individual events: in the class of competitors under 60 kg, master sergeant Emoke Bacsa was beaten only by last year’s defending champion, thus she finished at the 2nd place. In the class of those above 90 kg, corporal Tibor Biacs made it to the finals but because of an unfortunate fall he couldn’t continue competing. Still, he won the silver medal.

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