New building between Plaza and Forum

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There is a large and ruined area at the corner Rakoczi and Peterfia streets.
Several plans were made for the installation, but none were able to reach the point to materialize.

The Keso Real Estate and Trading Companyis the owner of the area and over the past eight years nearly nothing happened. The owner`s task is to find an investor or a tenant and although there was no shortage in plans and bidders but nothing realized.
First the French Klepierre groupthe owner of the Debrecen Plaza held the bid but they wanted to build a new plaza connecting the old one with a bridge. This plan was not backed by the government so a Slovakian companybid for it but abandoned its plan because of the financial crisis. Gyorgy Kelemen proprietor and legal representative of the Keso Ltd added that the biggest problem was the acceptance of the declared plans.

Now an investor with the help of local entepreneurs will envision a complex with small shops, restaurants, 2500 squaremeter office space and 60 30-40 square meter apartements.
With the development of parking lots a total of 4 thousand square meter area will be used for the building out of the 20 thousand square meter plot. The reconstruction of the old houses of Peterfia street is a major part of the development programme. According to the schedule the construction will take another year, so tat the beginning of 2012 there is a new building will shape its form with the 9 billion Huf investment.

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