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Thomas Anders and the Modern Talking Band had a concert in the Fonix Hall on 20th of November. Before the concert he answered to the questions of the local journalists.

The well-known German singer is a very talkative personality. He gave detailed answers to all the questions. Just the press conference was too short.

Anders lives in Ibiza nowadays. He feels good in general just tired by the traveling sometimes. He never listens to his music beacuse that is just job. His favourites are the American jazz and the lounge music. He also listens to the old songs of George Michael and classical music.

He is declared "The Gentleman of Music" since a music competition when he got an award and one of his fans mentioned: He is the Gentleman of Music. He was waiting for such a name. Since that day he is using it.

During the concert he was also talkative, telling stories, calling a lady to the scene. He wanted to sing his song Maria to a lady who has this name but finally an Iranian girl, Tanas cheated him and she was singing with him.

The audience could enjoy the "old" Modern Talking songs and the new compositions.

Anders is still loved by thouesends of women. One of them gave him a red rose too. Most of the fans was from Hungary but also a lot of people came from the neighbour countries.

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