35 years for murder

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The Court of Appeal of Debrecen sentenced the robbers of an Armored Money Transport Vehicles. They robbed and killed one security guard near Tokaj couple of years ago. One of them will be released after 35 years at the earliest.

Roland H. decided that money could be robbed with the help of
Janos Sz. Their companion also found the idea constructive so Roland
H. developed the plan. After passing the outskirts of Tarcal on the
number 3615 road near Tokaj they have found a suitable location for the crime.

Their plan was that Janos Sz.(security guard) asks his companion to stop,
because he wants to urinate, and then the others apparently attack them
and took the money. They knew that Monday`s the car carry more money,
so this day was chosen.

The plan changed: Roland H. forced the victim to get out of the vehicle and
then he and Janos Sz. attacked the guard and beat him badly. They captured
166.5 million Huf (600 000Euros). They burned the bloody clothes and
mobile phones, bound Janos Sz. and left him in the Felsozsolca -Onga
intersection. His task was to ask for help and to put forward a fictional story, which included an unknown attacker. Later he was found by the police. They believed his story and focused on their job.
During the robbery the perpetrators stole two PA-63 type firearms accompanied by ten live cartridges each.

The robbers bought a car, equipments and exchanged a large amount of
Huf into Euros. Then they bought a remote farm in Kiskunhalas area and
were hiding there. They have also built an underground hiding place.
Finally, the investigating authority seized the farm and arrested Roland H.
and Krisztian S.

Roland H. is guilty in the crime of murder committed with particular cruelty, therefore he got a life imprisonment with the earliest date for parole 35 years.
Krisztian S. received a 15 years imprisonment for murder.
The third accused, Janos Sz. (the former security guard) received a life
imprisonment for murder with the earliest parole of 30 years.

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