Attempted felony theft

Local News Police

A 35 years old drunken man appeared at 9-15. Hatvan street around 2am early morning on August 28, 2010, where he tried to steel a locked Median type woman bike. The bike was locked to a parking ticket.
machine`s steel column with a padlock

He hit thebody of the bike several times with a small ax withhout success but causing damage in the frame.
The above act have been observed by police patrols, however the identity of the owner of the bicyclehas not been established till 5:30am.

Police patrols have left a notice on the bike asking the owner to report the police andinformed her about the attempted theft.

The red colour MTB Median bike (with Medianinscription), equipped with a metal basket in the front andmetal rear trunk.

The Police requests the public that if they know the owner, her identity and whereabouts or have any information on the matter, report to the Police Station of Debrecen, 4 Budai Ezsaias street headquarter in person or call the 06(52) 516-400, 24-47phone number or one of the 107 or 112 emergency numbers.

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