Gypsy war

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The “war” broken out between two gypsy families in 2005 in Torokszentmiklos. Judgement just delivered in the case.

The reasons were previously developed lesions, stabbing, drug trafficking, vandalism etc. The trial ended couple of days ago at the Court of Appeal of Debrecen. Bela R. and his companion were stabbed by 3 gypsy men in June 2005.
The attacker group was 13 men strong. 10 of them "just" kicked Bela R. or used baseball bats or were just passive spectators of the crime.
The prime accused Zoltan R. will spend 6 years in prison. Andras R. received a 6.5 years prison sentence. The older Antal R. has to serve 2 years in prison. The further 9 accused got 6month to 2 years imprisonment.

This crime was continued in August 2005. That was the so called "gypsy war".
The gypsys visited their arrested family members on August 24 2005 and got so upset and angry that they returned home and immediatelly marched to the rival family`s house armed with knives. Police arrived in time so was no fight that time.
Antal R. and his family retreated to their homes to have more effective weapons, but the other family was faster and already established an attack line in front of them. The Jokai street
has changed into a war zone with the use of better quality weapons, pistols, rifles and grenades. An exploded grenade caused the death of the 51 years old Sandor F. and seriously
and lightly injured 14 others.
The prime accused Antal R. has to spend a minimum of 30 years in prison, his family members got 1-1.5 years imprisonment.
The leader of the rival family, Bela R. got 3 and a half years but he has to serve 25-30 years in jail due to other offences.
The convicts must pay the charges of the investigation and cost of trial.
The two main accusedhas escaped from arrest. Police later captured Bela R. but Antal R. – according to informations – hiding in Thailand with his girlfriend.

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