Renovation of the Deri Museum

Local News

They will spend 700 million HUF to brush up the Museum. 90% of the money come from EU funds, the works scheduled to begin in September.

They will replace the doors and windows, updating the electrical system and make it accesible for handicapped visitors.
The exhibition halls will be renewed as well. They expecting to carry out these works within a year.
Lajos Lehner told the press that they not only renovate the museum but will reorganize the exhibition spaces. Various sound and lighting devices will enrich the experience of the visitors.
The last major renovation was 30 years ago.
Robert Racz reported that the County Government received the 600 million HUF EU fund. He think the renovation of the institution will give a new boost to the Museum and increase the number of visitors.
The Museum will close its gates during the works.

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