The Big Forest Week in Debrecen promises exciting programs

A series of programs presenting the values ​​of the Big Forest in Debrecen will start on October 1, organized by the Big Forest Society, the Debrecen Valuables Committee, and several other cooperating partners. Dr. Mazsu János, the president of the Nagyerdő Társaság and the Debrecen Stock Exchange Committee, highlighted interesting points from the rich program […]

The kebab guy from Debrecen did it! Shortly after our interview, Toszy opened his own restaurant

In our column entitled “Thrive in Debrecen”, we speak to people who live and work among us, many of us may know them personally or at least have heard of them. They tell us about themselves, their lives, and how to make a living and prevail in the city of Cívis. This time László Rostás […]

A woman in Balmazújváros became ill from toxic gas

A middle-aged woman fell ill on Wednesday evening in the bathroom of a family home in Balmazújváros, Kodály Zoltán Street. The professional firefighters from Hajdúböszörmény went to the incident because carbon monoxide poisoning was suspected. While the emergency services examined the injured person on the spot, the firemen carried out measurements in the vicinity of […]