Two Explosions Occurred at a Gas Filling Station in Romania: One Person Died and Nearly Fifty Got Injured


Two explosions took place on Saturday evening (26th August) at a car gas filling station in the settlement of Crevedia in Dambovita county, Romania.


The first explosion occurred early in the evening, after 7 p.m., which was followed by a fire. The multi-meter flames spread from the tanks of the filling station to a residential building, so the main road marked DN1A was closed and the residents of the area were evacuated. After the first explosion, 7 people suffered burns from the explosion and one person died. Not much later, at 9 p.m., another explosion occurred. By this time, the firefighters who had arrived on the scene with large forces tried to stop the spread of the flames. 26 firefighters got also injured in the second explosion.


According to the summary of the Ministry of Health, 46 people suffered burns and were transported to three emergency hospitals in Bucharest, eight of whom were in critical condition and had to be put on ventilators.


After the second explosion, fearing another detonation, the authorities ordered the evacuation of residents in a 700-meter radius. The disaster management has also deployed firefighting robots, so they want to avoid that even more firefighters are injured.

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