Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend was hospitalized


22-year-old Clara Chía Martí can’t stand the commotion around them. She got sick and had to be taken to the hospital.

Shakira’s ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, recently shared their first photo together on his social media page, thus proving that he announces their love publicly. Their scandalous relationship almost seems idyllic.

Index wrote, however, that they spent last weekend in Cerdanya, in the Pyrenees, in the ex-footballer’s high mountain holiday home, went hiking, bike riding, and planned to go to a Catalan rock band’s concert in the evening, but in the end, they canceled because Clara didn’t feel well. As her condition did not improve, she was taken to a private clinic in Barcelona on Monday afternoon, where it was discovered what was wrong with her: she had a panic attack.

The tabloid media seems to follow the relationship of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí with such intensity that the only 22-year-old girl could no longer cope with it. In contrast, the world-famous singer Shakira, who recently celebrated her 46th birthday, enjoys amazing support, her latest song, the lyrics of which were inspired by her ex-partner and his lover, has already been viewed by more than 240 million people on YouTube.

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