American Actor Danny Trejo is feeding veteran homeless individuals with his tacos


Famous American actor Danny Trejo opened his first taco bar seven years ago in Los Angeles and since then he has been helping out for different communities in need with his delicious food – wherever he can.

This time he was on his mission with the Everest Foundation and he offered a few pleasant hours and delicious snacks for the American homeless veterans.

The event was held in the Van Nuys Bridge Shelter. The Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission’ was behind the event where the body and soul were not left hungry.

Bibles were passed out at the event for the individuals in the shelter and food was provided by Trejo Tacos.

“Yes, I am religious”

– admitted the actor as an answer to our question.

“I was in prison and I realized the importance of faith there. I’ve got a lot of support there and every time I feel that it’s time to give back a little bit”

– the actor explained his active charity work.

Danny Trejo is also helping in a Hungarian foundation’s charity project.


– Virág Vida –

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