Björk has released the Sideproject remix of the track ‘Atopos’


Björk has released the Sideproject remix of the track ‘Atopos’, a hammering expansion on the original track that is layered with crisp, busy beats.

Björk collaborated with Sideproject when producing some of the beats from her current album ‘Fossora’ which was Grammy-nominated and named one of The New York Times’ and Pitchfork’s Albums of the Year.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work on this remix. We had a great time putting our own spin on the soundscape of Atopos and we are really happy with the outcome. Thank you so much.”

– Björk said about the project.

 ‘I’m so grateful to the incredible Icelandic electronic group Sideproject, they make me excited about Reykjavik music, and don’t worry – the future is fertile!”

– she added.

The original version of ‘atopos’ came in September with a subterranean music video creative directed by Björk and directed by Vidar Logi.

– Virág Vida –

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