There are 8 billion people on Earth today


The world’s population exceeded two billion in 1928, and it didn’t take a hundred years for us to reach eight billion – it can be read on

The organization announced historical data on its website today.

This is only an estimate, as it is almost impossible to accurately review how many people are born and die in one day.

Humans, more precisely Homo sapiens, appeared on Earth about 300,000 years ago, and the world’s population exceeded one billion after 1800. In 1928, we were already at two billion, from here we reached eight billion in less than a hundred years.

Although this number may seem depressing, it has a positive message.

According to Natalia Kanem, head of UNFPA, eight billion people means that health systems have improved, people’s life expectancy has increased, infant mortality has decreased, and the number of women who died in childbirth has decreased.

According to UN calculations, 9.7 billion people are expected to live on Earth by 2050, and the rise may stop after 2080 when the planet’s population will be roughly 10.4 billion.

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