The number of people infected in the world is 114 million, and the number of fatalities exceeds 2.53 million


A total of 114,067,979 people worldwide became infected with the coronavirus epidemic, with 2,530,723 deaths and 64,418,462 survivors in Central European Time, according to Monday morning data.

One day earlier, 113,752,802 people were registered, the number of fatalities was 2,524,413 and the number of recovered patients was 64,230,919.

The infection is present in 192 countries and regions.

Experts say the number of cases diagnosed does not accurately reflect reality because the number of tests is more or less limited in each country and the criteria for registration also differ.

A disease called Covid-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is hitting the United States hardest, where 28,605,669 people have been infected to date and 513,091 have died.

In India, 11,112,241 infected, 157,157 fatalities and 10,786,452 recovered were recorded.

In Brazil, there are 10,551,259 infected, 254,942 fatalities and 9,382,316 recovered.

In Russia, the number of confirmed infections rose to 4,198,400, the number of fatalities rose to 84,700 and the number of recovered to 3,769,025.

In the UK, there were 4,188,827 people infected and 123,083 people died from the disease.

In France, there are 3,747,263 infected and 85,741 fatalities.

In Spain, 3,188,553 infections and 69,142 deaths were registered.

In Italy, 2,925,265 people are registered, with 97,699 fatalities and 2,405,199 recovered from Covid-19.

There have been 2,701,588 infections registered in Turkey so far, with 28,569 deaths according to official figures.

In Germany, 2,450,295 people were infected, 70,152 were dead, and 2,259,548 were healed.

There are 2,251,690 infections and 59,766 deaths in Colombia.

In Argentina, there are 2,107,365 people infected and 51,965 dead.

In Mexico, there are 2,086,938 certified virus patients and 185,715 deaths.

In Poland, there are 1,706,986 registered infections, 43,769 fatalities and 1,422,829 cures.

In Iran, there are 1,631,169 infected, 60,073 deaths and 1,393,125 recovered.

In the Republic of South Africa, 1,513,393 people were registered, 49,993 died and 1,430,259 recovered.

In Ukraine, there are 1,395,528 infected people, 27,404 deaths and 1,212,795 recovered people.

In China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), 100,965 cases of infection were recorded, as well as 4,835 fatalities and 95,649 recovered.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic the coronavirus that spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan.


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