Szaft ‘N Burger: the country’s burger is being made again in Debrecen


On the first weekend of September, groups of friends and families who like burgers and barbecues can take part in a real outdoor picnic and barbecue at the Szaft ‘N Burger – National Hamburger Grill Competition and Steak Grill Tusa.

Once a year, on this day, lovers of artisan hamburgers meet in Debrecen, on the shores of Békás Lake. The street food kiosks – Garage Burger, Grillakadémia, Magtár Éttérem, Next Bistro, Vadaskert Vendéglő, Zuzmó BBQ -, several domestic craft breweries – BAZ Beer, Fekete Péter Sörmanufaktúra, Hajdú Serház, Horizont, Hübris, MONYO, Tacet Brewery, Ugar Brewery – accompanies, and the audience can also buy the products of the co-organizing family farm, Hortobágy Angus, while mouth-watering snacks are also prepared at the competitions.

From 3 p.m., the restless country and rockabilly band imbued with an authentic American feeling of life can be seen and heard on stage. Gastroblogger Jani Jancsa, culinary manager of Budapest’s Bamba Marha Burger Bar, author of the Great Burger Book, who is also the president of the jury, is responsible for the professional guidance of the event. Jani Jancsa is the host of the burger fanatic group with the largest follower base in the country. On September 2nd at Szaft ‘N Burger, you can also ask about his experiences and tricks.

In the announced competition, the winner of the professional category will be awarded the title of burger of the country, which he can keep until next year’s competition – it is no coincidence that there is the greatest interest here. In addition, those who like challenges can also test themselves in amateur categories: the organizers provide Hortobágy Angus premium scones for baking in individual, team, and junior categories. This time, the marbled Angus chuck eye steak is at the center of the steakhouse showdown. In the freestyle category, you can experiment with other meat, fish, or even vegan ingredients.

10:00 Opening, gate opening and the start of the competition
10:45 Wanderer cup handover from last year’s winner
11:30 “The value of living and farming here” Conversation with the 50-year-old director of the Hortobágy National Park Gergelly Medgyesi
12:30 You wouldn’t think so! Skincare cosmetics with Angus ingredients
13:00 Cooking show: Bence Nagy (Grillakadémia) steak grill tricks
15:00 Nyughatatlan concert
16:15 Cooking show: Jani Jancsa presents – From pizza to burger?
17:45 Announcement of results: The burger of the country is presented!
20:00 Closing of the gates

More details and registration can be found on the website and in the Facebook event.

(Főnix Rendezvényszervező Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.)

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