There will be a cooking festival in Tiszacsege


The banks of the Tisza in Tiszacsege will be populated again in the next two weekends: on August 26, the county hunting day and the international hunting lady meeting will be held, and on September 2, the public will be invited to the eleventh catfish and paprika cooking festival.

Barna Forgács, the president of the Hajdú-Bihar hunting chamber, said at the press conference in Tiszacsege on Wednesday that presented the programs: I want to increase the acceptance of hunting with hunting day events open to the general public. Hunting is not only about killing game but also about love for nature and the environment, nurturing friendships and sport, he added.

25 hunting companies from Hajdú-Bihar have indicated their participation in the event, and Gyula Bodrogi, the nation’s actor and Hungary’s first hunting ambassador, will also be there, Barna Forgács said. Zoltán Papp, chief hunter of Hajdú-Bihar, said: that the hunting day starts with a traditional ritual, a table setting, which symbolizes respect for game. Three years ago – on the last hunting day before the coronavirus epidemic – the meeting was held in the spirit of hunting culture, the emphasis is placed on the community-creating power of hunting, and the meeting of hunting ladies also fits into this effort, the chief hunter pointed out.

Sándorné Juhász, the main organizer of the female hunters’ meeting, highlighted: There are around 2,500 female hunters in Hungary, of which 150-200 participate in the event in Tiszacsege. On the banks of the Tisza, in addition to the trophy presentation, the hunting ladies will also hold exhibitions of paintings, photos and porcelain from their work, and present-day elegant hunting clothes will be presented to the public at a fashion show – he added, noting that in addition to the Hungarians, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak and Bulgarian hunting ladies will be at the meeting. also participate. So far, 177 teams have applied for the catfish paprikash cooking festival: each team receives 2 kilograms of catfish free of charge to prepare the food, said Sándor Nagy, the owner of the Tiszacsege fisherman’s tavern. He added: they want to set a certified domestic record at this year’s competition because presumably, so many people have cooked one type of food at the same time in Hungary.

During the cooking, street musicians will entertain visitors to the Tisza bank, and in the afternoon art groups will present themselves on the waterside stage. The inn manager János Szalai added: that they will also set up a kitchen tent, offering discounted fish soup, catfish fritters and fried fish, cooked outside the competition, while the inn will also be operating at full capacity on the day of the meeting. According to their experience, families experience this day as a kind of May Day: many prepare breakfast on the banks of the Tisza, others grill and fry meat, but the main role will be catfish paprikash on September 2 in Tiszacsege, noted János Szalai.


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