Trevi Fountain

Climate activists painted the water of Rome’s Trevi Fountain black


Diluted coal was poured into the water to protest the use of fossil fuels, writes

A group of climate activists took action in Rome: taking advantage of the attention provided by the tourists who constantly flood the area, they climbed into one of the most famous sights of the Italian capital, the Trevi Fountain, and poured diluted coal into its water, painting it black.

Ultima Generazione, a group fighting against the use of fossil fuels, protested the harmful effects of climate change with the action. They held up banners reading “We will not pay for fossil fuels” and

they shouted: Our country is dying.


According to the news of the Guardian, the police soon appeared, and they also waded into the water, from where they took the activists out – all this was filmed by many tourists. Ultima Generazione later announced that with the action, it also wanted to draw attention to the floods of the past few days.

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