The EU recommends harmonizing epidemiological rules and testing those arriving from China


The body bringing together the health ministers of the EU member states recommended the harmonization of rules to prevent another wave of the coronavirus epidemic and encouraged the member states to order the testing of those arriving from China, the Council of the European Union announced on Wednesday.

At their meeting in Brussels, health ministers agreed that due to the high number of cases of the new type of coronavirus in China, coordinated precautions are needed, especially given that the Asian country will ease its travel restrictions from January 8.

According to the recommendation of the ministers, the member states should recommend that all passengers on planes arriving from China wear medical or FFP2/N95/KN95 masks that cover the nose and mouth. The EU Council also encouraged member states to make it mandatory for all passengers arriving from China to present a negative coronavirus test at least 48 hours before departure.

The EU Health Council also called for the competent national authorities to carry out random testing among passengers arriving from China and examine the sewage of airports receiving Chinese flights from an epidemiological point of view. They also proposed that member states promote the uptake of vaccinations against the coronavirus, including booster vaccinations.

They also agreed to provide advice on personal hygiene and health measures to international passengers arriving from or going to China and aircraft and airport staff.

The member states will evaluate the European and global epidemiological situation by mid-January and review the introduced measures, the EU Council announced.


MTI: Szabolcs Gebauer

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