Hungary Providing Jobs, Education for Refugees


So far more than 750,000 people have fled Ukraine through Hungary, and those that stay are being helped to find jobs, while children are being placed in schools, government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.


Szentkirályi said Hungary’s standpoint remained the same: “This is not our war but since the start of war between Russia and Ukraine, we have been providing every possible help to those who come to us.” More than 1,600 children from Ukraine are studying in Hungarian schools, and Hungary is providing special language learning opportunities if needed. She said it was vital that adults are able to find a job, and the government is contributing to the costs of employment, housing and travel. Employers have so far applied for support worth 600 million forints (EUR 1.54m) in respect of around 900 Ukrainian refugees, and relevant decisions have been made in more than 500 cases, she added. More than 8,000 Ukrainian citizens have been licensed for employment, with almost 100 involved in public employment, the spokeswoman said.


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