“Education in Mother Tongue Must Be Guaranteed to All Hungarians in Carpathian Basin”


The government aims to ensure that every Hungarian child in the Carpathian Basin should have access to kindergarten care or school education in the mother tongue, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in Satu Mare (Máréfalva) in Transylvania on Friday.


“An important message of the parliamentary election and referendum in April was that our children should be protected from extremist liberal gender propaganda and we should not allow NGOs to confuse their thoughts,” Szijjártó said at the groundbreaking ceremony of a kindergarten. He said it was “fantastic news” that the community of ethnic Hungarians was constantly growing and they needed a new kindergarten, which, he added, was a testament to the success of the Hungarian government’s scheme to develop kindergartens throughout the Carpathian Basin. The government is contributing 220 million forints (EUR 570,000) to the 400 million forint development started in Satu Mare, he said. The kindergarten will be owned by the local church and run by the local council, he said. Fully eighty children will receive language training and kindergarten care in the mother tongue, he added.




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