The Omicron Coronavirus Variant May Also Have Arrived in Germany


Several European countries report that cases of omicron suspects have been found in them as well.


This is a new supernatant of the coronavirus. After the Netherlands, this time alarming news came from Germany: according to the provincial minister Kai Klose of Hesse (Frankfurt International Airport is located here), it is very likely that the omicron arrived in Germany. Several omicron-type mutations were found in the body of a traveler returning from South Africa.

Sequencing of the variant is still ongoing, the traveler has been isolated in his home.

The Czech public health authority also said on Saturday that an omicron suspect had been found. The infected came from Namibia. Meanwhile, Sir Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford Vaccine Group (OVG), told the BBC he was cautiously optimistic that the Astra Zeneca vaccine could be effective against omicrone, could prevent a serious illness, and said it was
unlikely that the epidemic will flare up again.
The Guardian

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