PM: Delay in EU Recovery Fund Payments ‘Unfair’


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in a regular interview with public broadcaster Kossuth Radio, said it was “unfair” that Hungary had still not received the funds it was entitled to from the European Union’s post-pandemic recovery package.


“This means that there’s not a level playing field,” he said. Orbán said the EU was making the transfer of funds conditional on Hungary allowing LGBTQ activists into schools. “Fortunately the Hungarian economy is performing well, and we don’t want to accept the money at the cost of ceding our right to our children’s sex education,” Orbán said. “We are entitled to this money, it’s just that this disagreement is causing a delay in the payments.”

Meanwhile, Orbán said he will receive his Covid booster jab next week and advised Hungarians to also get their third jab. Given that the coronavirus is still new, no one knows anything certain about it, but several variants of it have already been identified and more are likely to emerge, he said. “But what all doctors are certain of is that the vaccine works and it’s preferable to get a booster shot,” Orbán added.

He said that despite not having received a Nobel Prize for her work with mRNA technology, Hungarian biochemist Katalin Karikó “is our hero and she saved millions of lives”. “This may not be deserving of a Nobel Prize, but she has done heroic work and we are very proud of her,” Orbán said.

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