V4 Transport Ministers Sign Cooperation Pact on Rail Development


The transport ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia signed a cooperation agreement on developing the railway network of the region in Kraków, in southern Poland.


Deputy state secretary Péter Tóth, who represented Hungary at Friday’s talks, told a joint press conference that Hungary would treat regional infrastructure development as a priority when it takes over the Visegrad Group’s rotating presidency in July. The Visergad Group will also coordinate during talks with the European Union on the development of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), he said. The Hungarian stretch of the Via Carpathia, a north-south regional road, will be finished this year, Tóth said. Andrzej Adamczyk, the Polish minister of infrastructure, said it was in the group’s interest that the region’s important transport corridors be included in TEN-T. Besides Via Carpathia, Adamczyk said the high-speed railway linking the four countries, the Danube-Odera-Elbe canal and the Polish central airport planned between Warsaw and Lodz should also receive funding.




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