Socialist Party Launches Dialogue on EU’s Future


Hungary’s Socialist Party is launching a round of dialogues on social media concerning the future of the European Union.


Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi noted at an online press briefing that the EU’s future has been the subject of debate in Strasbourg for the past year, and it was hoped that resulting changes in the bloc would benefit all European citizens. He accused the ruling Fidesz party of “taking Hungary out of the European community”. Since the country’s security and future was bound up with the EU, he said, Hungary should be concerned with how the bloc is reformed, adding that input from citizens was therefore needed. Citizens, interest groups and trade unions will be consulted, with broad-ranging debates on a particular topic to be held each month, he said, outlining the party’s plans. The government, he added, had failed to canvass the opinions of Hungarians on this subject. He said European policy, as far as the Fidesz government was concerned, revolved around the “petty power interests” of the “ruling kleptocracy”.

Socialist politician Kata Tüttő said that hopefully the discussions would lead towards identifying the areas in which “more Europe” was needed in the future as well as the converse. An EU is needed that “fits better with what we’re like in the world today,” she added.


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