Fidesz MEP Accuses EP of Playing Role of ‘Political Police’


The left-wing, pro-migration members of the European Parliament “play the role of political police”, harshly attacking national governments and countries that say no to illegal immigration, “forced gender ideologies” and decisions made in Brussels about “what can be thought and said”, an MEP of ruling Fidesz said.


Balázs Hidvéghi told the Hungarian media after a debate on the rule of law in Europe at an EP plenary session that left-wing MEPs had threatened with legal measures and the withdrawal of financing during the meeting which grew into a political debate. Hungary rejects such threats and considers them unacceptable, Hidvéghi said. Pressurising and ideological debates of this type only hurt the European Union, creating tension and discord between member states, he added. “Political debates must be settled by political means and each other’s positions must be accepted,” Hidvéghi said.

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