Orbán: EU’s Security Hinges on Vaccination

The security of Europe depends on the vaccination rate of its population, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a video recorded in Porto, and published on Facebook on Friday.

Speaking ahead of a European Union summit meeting focusing on social security, the prime minister said that the community could only be made socially secure “if all citizens have access to vaccination, because without the shots people could get sick, lose their jobs, and become unable to support their families”.

“Hungary has something to say,” Orbán said, adding that life (in Hungary) “has almost fully reopened, with people having access to nearly all services if they are vaccinated and with their freedom regained, while it is not like that in many other European countries”.

The prime minister said he would propose that the EU should grant approval to “all proven effective and safe vaccines” and speed up the vaccination drive. “Shots save lives, and Europe’s security depends on the vaccination rate of its people,” he stressed.
The two-day informal summit, starting later on Friday, will focus on welfare policies, issues around the pandemic and measures aimed at tackling those challenges.



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