Mad Fox Found in Satu Mare (Szatmár) County


Nébih reported that the Romanian authorities had recently detected the rabies virus several times near the Hungarian border. This time a mad fox was found in the county, but recently a cattle and a dog also fell victim to the disease.

Although vaccination of dogs is obligatory in Hungary every year, and wild animals are also immunized, extreme caution is recommended. Vaccination is only recommended for cats, but forest animals may not be able to consume the vaccine successfully, so new cases can easily occur.

The virus attacks the nervous system in both humans and animals, and as soon as the disease is fully developed, it becomes fatal. Usually, the infection is spread by biting, the first symptoms of which include the changed behavior of the animals: for example sudden aggression, while wild animals show a lack of fear of humans. In the case of humans, rabies virus can be treated, so in case of suspicion, you should see a doctor immediately!

In case of finding a sick or dead animal, notify the local competent veterinary authority or make a report on the Nébih Green Number (06-80 / 263-244).



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